Coaxial Cabling Installers

Mid Cites Data Comm is your trusted installer of coaxial cable (coax), which is often used to transmit video and CATV distribution, provide RF and microwave transmission, and connect computer and instrumentation data. While some traditional applications that previously used coax for connections have now moved to unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) or other systems, coaxial cabling still plays an important role in many cabling jobs.

Coaxial Cabling Solutions

Coaxial cable has a solid or stranded conductor surround by a dielectric layer to insulate it, a braided or foil shield, or both, and a protective PVC jacket, which makes if very resilient to signal interference and a frequency range for supporting multiple channels. This makes it useful for delivering cable TV to many subscribers and for connecting servers and switches over short distances, such as in server clusters, virtualization, and storage systems. Some applications, such as InfiniBand technology, uses twinaxial cabling, or “Twinax” which is coax with two inner connectors instead of one.

When you are planning to upgrade or change your phone or data systems, add new equipment, move to a new location, or repair or upgrade your wiring, Mid Cities Data Comm can consult with you and advise whether coaxial cable is the best approach to your cabling needs. Using the best quality materials for the job, we then provide state-of-the-art installation based on the latest EIA/TIA and remain on hand for your ongoing repair and maintenance needs.

Call Mid Cities Data Comm For Coax Cable Sales, Installation, and Repair

With over 24 years in the telecommunications industry in the Dallas /Ft Worth Texas metro area and beyond, Mid Cities Data Comm knows the industry like no other provider. For expert voice and data cable solutions, contact Mid Cities Data Comm.

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