ESI CS 50L Business Phone System

Communication Server

The ESI-50L architecture allows expansion when required. The Base Cabinet and optional “piggybacking” Expansion Cabinet are wall-mountable and require very little space in your phone closet. When your business is ready, the entry-level ESI-50L can grow into a full-fledged ESI-50 Communications Server, with many more call-processing capabilities and productivityenhancing features (including ACD and support for PRI digital lines and IP communications)..

System highlights (maximum capacities shown)

CS 50Total stations – 40

IP stations – na

Digital stations – 32

Analog stations – 8

Call-processing ports – 56

Central Office (CO) lines – 16

Digital line cards (T1/PRI) – na

Voice mail ports – 4

Voice storage (hours) – 15

Station/special-purpose mailboxes – 266

Conference ports (16 members/conference) – 16

Shared-office tenanting (tenants) – na

ESI Presence Management – Optional

VIP applications – Optional

Mirrored Memory Module (M3) backup – na

ESI CS 50L Brochure Adobe PDF Brochure

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Plus other ESI Communications Server features:

  • ESI’s Verbal User Guide™
  • ESI phones
    • Desktop and cordless models
    • Digital and IP
  • ESI options
    • ESI Presence Management™
    • VIP™ family of applications