ESI Media Management

For ESI business telephone systems.

ESI Media Management provides audio and video monitoring directly through a properly equipped ESI Communications Server. These advanced capabilities help you reduce many of the inherent risks in your organization. Additionally, ESI Media Management serves as an “all-in-one” solution by eliminating the need to install and manage multiple systems from various vendors. ESI Media Management collects and stores not only recordings of selected phone calls (call logging) but also video camera recordings, detailed call activity, and building access events from across your facility. ESI Media Management gives you the flexibility to decide who is authorized to access the stored information, so there’s no need to worry that information is getting into the wrong hands. Here are just a few of the benefits ESI Media Management provides: recording of all calls to and from employees for improved customer service and quality control; capture and review of video from around customer facilities using standard video cameras; use of live video (see also the description, below, of ESI Video Viewer) to improve facility monitoring and enhance access control; review of system-wide building access events and call detail records for employees; and quick location of a collection of related events using simple search criteria.

ESI Video Viewer.


As mentioned above, ESI Media Management offers live video monitoring, which enhances your ability to manage facilities, control access to sensitive areas within facilities, and provide security monitoring for both property and individuals. This is accomplished through the installation of one or more cameras (perhaps with ESI Video Adapters, depending on your choice of cameras) and the ESI Video Viewer PC software application. There are two different versions of ESI Video Viewer: the free Basic version and the optional Advanced version. The Basic version of ESI Video Viewer gives an authorized user a view from a single camera, while the Advanced version provides the ability to view multiple cameras. Each version of ESI Video Viewer also works in concert with ESI Presence Management, enhancing your ability to control access points and improve security.

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