ESI Presence Management

For ESI business telephone systems.

Open the door to ESI Presence Management, an amazing way to manage your business better and keep your facilities more secure. ESI Presence Management is an innovative combination of RF scanning technology and ESI’s award-winning telephone systems, offering presence status, call control, entrance security, and documented tracking of users’ work hours and attendance history.

Why it’s better.

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Previously, many businesses couldn’t afford access control systems, which usually involve expensive standalone hardware and software. But now, that’s all changed. ESI Presence Management’s unique integration with your ESI phone system offers advanced yet affordable access-control technology, along with numerous additional capabilities, including many that no other access control system can match.
ESI was awarded a U.S. Patent for innovative human-presence-sensing technology. The same team whose research produced this breakthrough now brings you ESI Presence Management. It combines your ESI phone system with another revolutionary technology, RFID (radio frequency identification), to offer:

  • Remote entry control with built-in doorphone.
  • Access control.
  • Presence indication.
  • Personal call routing.
  • Time and attendance management.

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ESI Presence Management IP RFID Reader

ESI Presence Management combines RF scanning technology and ESI’s communications systems to offer presence indication, optional live video monitoring, personal call routing, access control, and documented tracking of users’ work hours and attendance history. ESI Presence Management addresses basic entry and exit applications, and also serves as an advanced supervisory solution utilizing RFID technology to provide access control and personnel location. The new IP version of the ESI Presence Management RFID Reader enables installation of the device at a remote location
for use via your WAN or the Internet, making it possible to perform ESI Presence Management over great distances.
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