ESI VIP – Visually Integrated Phone

VIP . . . the intelligent way to communicate.

esi vipESI’s VIP (Visually Integrated Phone) combines the power of your ESI phone system and Microsoft® Outlook® to enhance day-to-day communication — including the ability to control calls and organize voice mail and contacts. VIP captures and catalogs details about every call for better call management. In addition, VIP makes it easy to program the phone with just a few mouse clicks. The familiar Windows® graphical user interface is intuitive and easy to learn, requiring minimal training.

VIP is offered in two user configurations: the basic VIP and VIP Professional. Each configuration is licensed independently, with an easy migration path from VIP to VIP Professional. With both the basic VIP and VIP Professional, it’s easy to:

  • Manage voice mail messages — View voice and e-mail messages, live call recordings, faxes, and personal memos in one Outlook Inbox; prioritize each message by importance; and select voice mail messages for playback, in any order. Save .WAV files of recordings and voice mail messages. The .WAV files can be forwarded to others as e-mail attachments, or archived for future reference. Deleted voice messages can also be restored.
  • Organize contacts — View company speed dial lists along with personal Outlook contacts in a central location. System speed-dial lists are always kept current by synchronization with the ESI phone system.
    • Manage telephone usage — Incoming andoutgoing calls, plus various ESI system features, are handled at the station via the
      desktop PC screen.
    • Capture all inbound and outbound calls — View and print a history of the station’s activity from VIP’s Call Folders.
  • Quickly program ESI’s 48-Key Feature Phone — Program station options from the PC, including message notification, personal call routing and all feature keys.


VIP applications — now available in Standalone Editions

ESI’s VIP (Visually Integrated Phone) applications work with your ESI communications system to
enhance day-to-day communication — including the ability to control calls, organize voice mail and
contacts, and easily program the phone for your convenience. Each of the several VIP applications
is intuitive and easy to learn, requiring minimal training. And now, each VIP application comes in not
only the traditional Outlook®-integrated edition but also a Standalone Edition (SE), so you can
choose what’s best for your environment.
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