Leasing Phone Systems Keeps You Ahead Of The Technology Curve

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When you need a new phone system for your business, leasing a new or previously owned system could be an excellent business decision. You get more for your money on very favorable terms. When shopping for a new system, consider working with a consultant who can help you decide if leasing is best value for your business.

Capture Modern Technology With Leasing

The communication needs in every business are different, but most companies benefit from having systems with modern features. You may not need the newest model available, but you probably want a system with up-to-date call forwarding options, automated attendant features, expandability, and more. When you lease a system you can gain access to what you need now and plan for the future without making a large capital investment.

Technology changes quickly, so the prime advantage of leasing is that when your lease is up, you will not be stuck with out of date equipment. If your business is new when you pick your phone system, you may not know the extent of your future needs. By buying a system, you may tie up a lot of capital in a phone system that may be too much or too little for where your business will be in 3 to 5 years. If at the end of your lease, you find that the equipment you leased still serve your needs, you can often buy the equipment.

Leasing Offers Financial Flexibility

With a lease, even though you have a commitment on specific equipment for a period of time, you may have the ability to add equipment or upgrade whenever you need it. In selecting a company to lease from, it is important to have flexibility built in so that you can tweak your system as you go.

Many companies lease rather than buy due to the financial advantages. You may be able to bring a system in-house with no money down and then be committed to low monthly payments over a period of time. Leasing preserves your credit lines and cash reserves; arranging for it is often as simple as applying for a credit card. Once you have the equipment on hand, you know exactly how much you will pay each month, which helps you stay within your budget. For many companies, leasing proves to be beneficial at tax time as you can deduct your lease payments as operating expenses.

One-Stop Technology Shopping

Leasing is cost-effective because your payment includes not only the equipment, but also installation, cabling, software, training, and maintenance that you need to use a system. When you own a system, you typically need to plan for maintenance costs once the initial guarantee periods have passed. Leasing offers safe, one-stop shopping.

In selecting a leasing company, you should find one that offers a variety of new and used equipment at favorable terms, and that offers the ability to install and maintain your equipment throughout the lease. Mid-Cities Data Comm offers you variety whether you want to own or lease systems. Our professional staff can also help you make the decision as to whether buying or leasing best suits your business.

To find a phone system that is right for you, contact Mid-Cities Data Comm for new, used, and leased ESI phones at (800) 603-2013 or contact us via our website.