Maintenance Contracts Protect Your Phone System Investment

Phone Maintenence plans

Protecting your business phone systems with maintenance contracts is a sound idea that can preserve your investment in equipment and make sure that your communication systems are never down for long.

Having A Maintenance Agreement Saves Your Business

In any business, making sure that your customers can reach you when needed is the way you earn and keep business. Whether customers call in to gain information, place orders, and request service, you need them to reach you without delay. When you have trouble with your phone system, having a maintenance agreement in place guarantees that you can have your service back up and running in a short timeframe to minimize disruption. A maintenance agreement saves your business by reducing the amount of time you are unavailable to your customers.

Modern phone systems may develop equipment defects or connection problems due to problems with outside lines or cabling. As many systems are online and require programming, problems can occur in the system database. While a tech savvy person within your organization may be able to figure out some problems and make programming changes in the system, the job may be beyond the knowledge and experience of most of your staff. Having a service contract can protect you from call disruptions due to most causes.

Service Beyond Warranties

Many newly installed phone systems come with guarantees and warranties that handle defects and other problems, but these protections only last for a short time of the system’s life. In addition, the guarantees are not as extensive as what is available in a maintenance plan.

Equipment providers such as Mid-Cities Data Comm offer customized maintenance plans that offer you the level of protection you need for your phone system, whether you need it during business hours or on a 24/7/365 basis. A good service plan should include:

  • Annual services: A yearly inspection of your equipment along with a consultation about your user activity and system performance. Replacement of cords, hand sets or other components that need replacement.


  • On-site services: Two-hour response time on emergency services with 24 hour response time on noncritical issues. No charge service, even if no trouble is found. Includes labor and parts for defective equipment. Data backup during service calls.
  • Remote maintenance: System backups and remote programming, as well as database restoration of the system to where it was before a system failure.


  • Moves, adds, and changes (MAC): Phone system upgrades. Coordination with the phone company on moves and changes. Priority scheduling and reduced labor charges on MAC.
  • Training: Unlimited administrator and end-user training.


  • Support: Answer end-user questions. Consultations on system design and programming. Assistance in resolving problems, recovering costs, billing, and phone company interaction. Manage wiring and cabling problems on materials they install.

Mid-Cities Data Comm Helps Protect Your Investment With Maintenance Contracts

Protect your phone system with a service contract and maintenance agreement from Mid-Cities Data Comm. Whether you need help with day-to-day operations, outages, computer telephony integration, or assistance in planning for change, we offer the comprehensive service you need to protect and maximize your investment. Call Mid-Cities Data Comm at (800) 603-201 for maintenance agreements tailored to your business.