Phone System Training

Business phone system by seasoned professionals.

End-Users are the most impacted with any new phone system. Our End User training quickly puts them back in circulation, and ready to take advantage of its new features.

One of the reasons you’ve implemented a Mid-Cities Data Comm system is to help increase productivity. That means you want end-users working with the system, not trying to figure out how it works. Mid-Cities Data Comm End-User training quickly educates employees, giving them plenty of time to take advantage of productivity-enhancing features while shortening payback periods.

Operator Training

  • One-on-one training for the person that handles a large percentage of your calls.
  • Customized to your business and its practices.
  • Ensures the operator is fully comfortable with the console and can utilize its features quickly and efficiently.

User Telephone Training

  • Provided in a group setting on site.
  • Customized to your business and its practices.
  • Ensures the users can competently utilize their telephone and its features.

User Voicemail Training

  • Provided in a group setting on site.
  • Customized to your business and its practices.
  • Trains users on how to set up and manage their voicemail box, including greeting and message management.
  • Trains users to efficiently utilize the features of voicemail.

System Administrator

In-house administrators are the most powerful asset you have for setting up and overseeing your Mid-Cities Data Comm IP voice system. They know your business processes and goals. They know your network and your end-users. To make sure they know how to configure, maintain, and scale your Mid-Cities Data Comm system — as well as take on more advanced tasks — we’ve developed training courses that target their specific needs.

Administrator Telephone System Training

  • Provided in a group setting at customer’s offices.
  • Covers basic administration:
    • Successfully upload changes
    • Change system dates and times
    • Change timers (i.e. hold recall, forward no answer)
    • Modify forward destinations and displayed names
    • Assign telephone keys another value
    • System speed-dial management
    • Basic troubleshooting skills

Administrator Voicemail System Training

  • Provided in a one-on-one environment.
  • Covers basic administration:
    • Mailbox creation and deletion
    • Resetting passwords
    • Basic troubleshooting skills
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