ESI CTI Applications

The superior communication power that your office needs— today and tomorrow.

All ESI products are designed with combined proprietary hardware and software platforms. ESI proudly engineers and manufactures its systems’ hardware in the United States. Software is created and maintained by senior-level ESI engineers and developers.

ESI Link VoIP ESI-Link uses your WAN or the Internet to join together up to 100 compatible ESI phone systems into one interconnected, IP-based system. While ESI wasn’t the first company to offer a multi-site solution, it was the first to offer one that unites the many advantages of multi-site communications (see full details) with the unique, high-performance features of ESI phone systems.

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ESI Presence Management Doorphone ESI Presence Management is a hardware and software solution incorporating an innovative combination of RF scanning technology and ESI’s award-winning telephone systems. ESI Presence Management is offered as a basic doorphone solution for addressing basic entry and exit applications, and as an advanced supervisory solution utilizing RFID technology to provide access control and personnel location. Optional ESI TimeLine™ PC software maximizes the value of this amazing product.

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ESI Cordless Handsets ESI Cordless Handset uses proven, reliable 900 MHz technology to provide mobility to the user who’s constantly on the move in the office. (Why 900 MHz? Because it passes through walls far more effectively than cordless telephony using the 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz bands, which are intended more for residential than workplace use.) You get the same rich ESI feature set as in the 24-Key Feature Phone — but in a compact, lightweight, portable handset. The ESI-exclusive Quick Switch feature makes going from your desktop ESI phone to your Cordless Handset, or back again, as easy as pressing a key.

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ESI VIP ESI VIP (Visually Integrated Phone), you combine the power of your ESI phone system and Microsoft Outlook to enhance communication in your day-to-day activities — including the ability to control calls and organize voice mail and contacts.

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ESI PC Attendant Console ESI PC Attendant Console Handling an active office’s phone traffic is an incredibly demanding task, particularly for an attendant who has other duties as well. That’s why we’ve created ESI PC Attendant Console. Built on the incredibly full-featured VIP Professional software platform, ESI PC Attendant Console is ready to give even the busiest attendant the tools to handle call traffic and help keep the office running smoothly.

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