ESI PC Attendant Console

Connecting to customers . . . expertly.

esi pc attenconsVIP PC Attendant Console from ESI serves the needs of the busiest attendant. Everything your attendant needs to handle your customers efficiently is just a mouse-click away. Multitasking is no task at all, even in high-traffic environments. With its built-in call-handling functions, VIP PC Attendant Console makes it easy to manage outside callers, internal users, recalls, and callers on hold.

VIP PC Attendant Console combines the power of the ESI phone system and Microsoft® Outlook®. The result? A complete productivity package, including one-click call handling, unified messaging, contact and call management, and text-messaging. For added productivity, dual monitors may be configured as an extended desktop so multiple applications can be used at all times.

ESI PC Console Brochure Adobe PDF Brochure

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