How To Train Employees On A New Phone System

Buying a new phone system? Even though your phone system is easy to use, according to the salesman, your employees may be lost at first. To get the most out of your phone system, make sure to arrange for in-depth training.

Implementing Employee Training

Some companies faced with new systems distribute copies of the user manual or handouts that contain how to use key features, and then employees are on their own. Some people figure out what to do, but others may pick up only the basics. The result is a system that you purchased to increase productivity that does not quite achieve its goals because some employees cannot figure out how to use the features.

You can help employees through the learning curve in two ways. You can train administrators to use key system features and let them work with employees, or you can obtain more individualized training for staff members. Since in-house administrators who handle the phone system might also have other responsibilities with the company network and computer systems, your wisest move might be to hire trainers specifically for the phone system.

Training Options From Mid Cities Data Comm

At Mid Cities Data Comm, obtaining training is never a problem as we offer in-person sessions and access to our extensive video training library.

  • We offer specialized courses for system administrators on configuring, maintaining, and scaling the new phone system, as well as handling more involved tasks.
  • By working one-on-one with the operator or receptionist who fields most of your calls, or in a group with other users to acquaint them with key features, we help get your staff up to speed more quickly.
  • We can host group sessions with employees to show them key features and quickly acclimate them to the new phone system.

Video Library Can Fill The Gaps

After training classes, employees sometimes find that when they have to use a certain feature, they do not remember how to make it work. Our video library for the ESI line of phones that we carry offer a series of 4 to 10 minute videos on popular topics such as:

  • How to answer and place a call
  • How to use call waiting, flash, and virtual answer
  • How to make a conference call
  • How to change a personal greeting
  • Use voicemail
  • How to use the call pick-up key
  • How to transfer calls
  • How to manage call quality and monitoring with ESI Media Management
  • How to coordinate and monitor security for people entering the property or the building with ESI Presence Management
  • How to use special features

Many of these topics are addressed in personalized training, but the video library offers individuals a chance to reinforce what they learned in the training.

Choose Mid Cities Data Comm For Great Post-Sale Service In Dallas/Fort Worth

Our training packages are a great asset for customers, but even those who have not taken advantage of our training still have the video library available. In addition, representatives from Mid Cities Data Comm are always available to answer questions to ensure that your employees use the system to its fullest.

For information about the ESI phone systems offered at Mid Cities Data Comm, call us at (800) 603-2013 or contact us via our website.


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